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Karakuri Doll
History of Karakuri Dolls
Mechanism & Technique
Harumitsu Hanya
His achievements
Manufacture process
Cha-hakobi Doll
Dan-‚‹aeri Doll
Haru-koma Doll
Haikara Doll
Hai-mochi Doll
Shina-tama Doll
Haiji Doll
Koteki Doll
Assembly kit
Karakuri Doll
The craft of building automata is so complex and delicate that it almost died out in modern times, but now we can experience the dolls again just as they were in the Edo Period. The warm feeling you can only get from handmade crafts make these dolls beautiful decorations for your home. Then when you set them in motion, everyone will marvel at their lifelike movements.

Karakuri, the starting point of robotics, is an eco-friendly art that we should pass down to our children.
’ƒ‰^‚ѐlŒ` Cha-hakobi Doll
(Tea Serving Doll)
Setting the tea cup on the doll's tray triggers its movement. The doll will carry the tea to your guests, and automatically stop when the tea cup is removed. If the cup is replaced, the doll will swivel around and return to its original location.
’i•Τ‚θlŒ` Dan-‚‹aeri Doll
(Somersault Doll)
This doll somersaults down stairs. Its center of gravity moves due to the mercury flowing through its body.

Haru-koma Doll
(Spring Horse Doll)
A little boy at play straddles a papier -mache horse.This little boy pulls the bridle and walks around, shaking his head left and right.


Haikara Doll (Sophisticated Doll)
She is a schoolgirl who is a fashion trendsetter.She will wave at you when you give her a little ( drawstring purse).


Hai-mochi Doll
(Sake Cup Holding Doll)This doll is an updated model of the "Tea Serving Doll" and she was designed to move more smoothly.


Shina-tama Doll
(Magician Doll)
very time the little boy opens the magic box,different items appear inside!


Sand is the force of this doll's movements.Alittle boy makes the two roosters fight.Then a dog starts running from the shadows and frightens them away.


Koteki Doll
(Little Girl with Drums and Fif es)
A little girl whistles and plays the drums. The sounds of the whistles are made by the bellows.


Taiji Doll
(Diminutive Tea Serving Doll)
This doll was inspired by the "Cha-hakobi Doll".It is made compact for the doll to move around small tables.Setting the sake cup on the doll's tray triggers its movement. She will change her direction after walking 1 meter.


The movement is made by the spring inside the fan. You can hear the bells when it starts moving. When you open the side board, there is a little boy working hard to turn around the wheels

Cha-hakobi Doll
Assembly Kit

(Tea Serving Doll)
Based on literature and drawings from the Edo period, this assembly kit gives you satissfaction to reproduce a tea-serving doll by assembling each single pieces. The assembly takes you about 20 hours.

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