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Karakuri Doll
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Karakuri Doll
This doll is one of the most famous karakuri dolls.
Setting the tea cup on the doll's tray triggers its movement. The doll will carry the tea to your guests, and automatically stop when the tea cup is removed. If the cup is replaced, the doll will swivel around and return to its original location.

1. First, you must wind the doll up completely and set the tea cup on its saucer.
2. It moves its legs alternately, shaking its head back and forth.
3. It stands still while the guest is drinking.
4. When the guest replaces the tea cup on the saucer, it starts moving automatically.
5. It swivels around the scarlet rug in a well-mannered way.
6. It does very cute, lifelike movements.
7. It also has a lovely appearance from the back, so everyone can enjoy watching its beautiful movements.

8. The doll will swivel around and return to its original location after it has finished.
Materials: * Wood ( teak, birch, and cherry )
* Steel made spring
* Nishijin brocade clothing
* Kutani porcelain tea cup
* Paulownia wood saucer
* Scarlet rug
* Instruction
15W ~ 22D ~ 39H cm
Price: 520,000 JPY (Tax not Included)
Delivery: 20 days

*All handmade.
It takes time to make each piece. We appreciate your patience.

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