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Karakuri Doll
History of Karakuri Dolls
Mechanism & Technique
Harumitsu Hanya
His achievements
Manufacture process
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Assembly kit

Studio Giemon is active in promoting the marvelous craft of karakuri mechanical dolls to people around the world. We can truly be proud of this art, which will surely be useful in the coming age of reduced energy consumption .

1. Assembling the main framework.
2. Below t he neck are movable parts on the upper area of the body. Even the small parts are entirely made of wood lumber. Putting to gether these pieces is a delicate operation.

The photograph shows the main axis of the cogwheel and the axis that makes the hands move. We continue to be amazed at the intricate craftsmanship and detailed parts.


The assembly of the main body is completed (left). However, the following process is even more complicated. We must tie together the strings which will control the doll's movement. Then we adjust the strings and the spring at the center. They are adjusted for every circumstance: when the doll carries an empty teacup, when it carries a full teacup, and when it doesn't have a teacup at all.


The photograph on the left shows how to use a weight to adjust the height of the arms when carrying an empty teacup.
When the weight becomes heavier, the gear goes up. At the same time, the stopper of the gear goes up then the doll moves.
The photograph on the right shows the clockwork section which is the doll's source of power.


The doll arms are rolled up with Japanese paper.
The face part is installed, and a half collar is folded over the neck.


After the doll is dressed, it is complete While making it, you will come to understand how it works, and it will make sense to you. You might even go on to create many different new dolls by yourself. You will also experience the satisfaction of making something with your own hands.


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