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Karakuri Doll
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Assembly kit
Karakuri Doll
An assmbly kit of the Cha-hakobi doll (Tea-serving doll), which the prepresentative of all karakuri dolls
Based on literature and drawings from the Edo period, this assembly kit gives you satissfaction to reproduce a tea-serving doll by assembling each single pieces. The assembly takes you about 20 hours.
Please enjoy assembling a karakuri doll slowly and elaborately using the techniques from the Edo period like a delicate and careful doll maker.
It takes at least 20 hours to complete this assembly kit. Therefore, it is suitable for people who seek satisfaction to construct this work of arts carefully and diligently, not minding the time-consuming processes.
Because this assmebly kit includes an easy-to-follow manual, any one of you can complete to construct the doll if you take time to follow the manual carefully. Please seize the opportunity to experience satisfaction to assmeble a karakuri doll of traditional Edo culture by yourself and to feel happiness to own a self-made karakuri doll.

1. Put the right arm of the doll through the sleeve of the kimono. 2. Put the kimono on the doll along the neck. 3. Put the left arm of the doll through the sleeve of the kimono. 4. Tie the front of the kimono.
5. Put the Japanese kilt on the doll through the head. 6. When you put the Japanese kilt around the waist of the doll, be careful not to get stuck with the arms of the doll. 7. Pass the string from the front of the doll to the back and knot the string at the back. 8, Knot the string tightly.
9. Cover the knot with the back part of the Japanese kilt. 10. Pass the string from the back of the doll to the front and knot the string at the front. 11. Knot the string tightly. 12. Put the haori on the doll to complete.
The contents: A set of parts (inclluding a teacup holder)
A set of kimono of Nishijin brocade
An assembly manual

15(W)~22(D)~40(H) cm

Price: 250,000 yen (Tax not Included)
Delivery: 15 days
All parts require high level of fineness. Every part with historical baackground will surprise you. With the parts manually produced with elaborate and precise processes., any one of you can complete to construct the doll if you take time to follow the manual carefully.
There is a workshop where you can construct a karakuri doll under the guidance of Mr. Harumitsu Hanya, the modern-day karakuri doll maker who has reproduced karakuri dolls based on "Karakuri-zui", the Japan's oldest book on mechanical engineering.
In the workship, you will construct the "Dan-kaeri doll" (Somersault doll), which moves with the gravity of the mercury flowing through its body. To reproduce a somersault doll faithfully following the original desisgn from the Edo period, you will start with cutting, chipping and polishing wood to produce accurate parts. It is scheduled that you take one year to construct a somersault doll at the workshop.

Inquiry about the karakuri doll workshop: Mail form

* Please note that it will take time to deliver an assembly kit to you as it is a fully build-to-order product.

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