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Karakuri Doll
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Karakuri Doll

This doll was inspired by the "Cha-Hakobi Doll".
It is a compact version which allows movement around small tables. It will change direction after walking about 1 meter.

1. Give the doll a sake cup that is filled with sake.
2. It starts to move across the table.
3. Pick up the sake cup she's holding..
4. She changes direction, after walking about 1 meter.

This doll is a diminutive size of the "Cha-Hakobi Doll". It is 24cm and made compact for it to walk around small-sized tables. It was very difficult to diminish the size, since it's made of wood. It took 6 months for Mr. Hanya to make this doll.
Materials: * Wood ( tamo, zelvoka, oak )
* Steel made spring
* Wooden screw for spring
* Nishijin brocade clothing, made of gold and silk
* Kutani porcelain tea cup
* Saucer made by paulownia wood
* Scarlet rug
* Instruction
* Insurance (3 years)

14W ~ 17D ~24H cm

Price: 185,000 JPY (Tax not Included)
Delivery: 20 days

*All handmade.
It takes time to make each piece. We appreciate your patience .

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