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Karakuri Doll
History of Karakuri Dolls
Mechanism & Technique
Harumitsu Hanya
His achievements
Manufacture process
Cha-hakobi Doll
Dan-aeri Doll
Haru-koma Doll
Haikara Doll
Hai-mochi Doll
Shina-tama Doll
Haiji Doll
Koteki Doll
Assembly kit
The karakuri doll is a root that has got across the histrical age and leads from civilization to modern machine technology. In the time when people wiyhin the background of the day were not able tosurpass the frame of two-dimensional thought, the technology which converts the primary energy to the secondary energy and further to the tertiary energy is no doubt a great invention produced by our forerunners who had extraordinary originality and ingenuity, and had honed their skills professionally.
I have been immensely impressed on countless occasions in the process to reproduce karakuri dolls based on the aboudant literature.
The modern ear is the time when only the authntic are accepted. Technology produced by wisdom also grows human beings greatly.
In my opinion, when we think of history, culture, and making things which will be handed down from our generation, we must take positive sides and negative sides of their influence into consideration.

Real name: Mitsuo Yano
Born in Gunma Prefecture
Joined The Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Retired from Industrial Technology Institutes of The Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Joined the Karakuri Mechanical Doll workshop Hamit Establishment
1983 Presided "Studio Giemon"
Refering to Karakuri-zui (Illustrated Compilation of Mechanism-art), there are many types of Karakuri Mechanical Dolls. Such as "Cha-hakobi Doll" (Tea Serving Doll), "Shina-tama Doll" (Magician Doll), "Koteki Doll" (Little Girl with a Drum and a Fife), "Dan-kaeri Doll" (Somersault Doll), "Renri-Kaeri Doll" (Two people somersault on the stairs). He accomplished all the Karakuri restorations completely.
Fortune Member of Japan Design Engineering Member of Association & Japanese Mechanism Arts Society
Exhibited at National Museum "Edo Fair"
Products owning.

Ono Karakuri Memorial Hall( Ishikawa Prefecture )
Kochi prefecture Historical Folk Customs Resource Center

"Edo exposition" was held in National Museum commemorating the 400th anniversary of the opening of Tokugawa Shogunate, and the poster was taken up on a large scale with a state-of-the-art robot.
Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese newspaper), Nippon Television Network NA, TV Asahi NA, Journal, Sarai, etc. all mass communication companies and France Rivera Sion began to accept collecting data. The Karakuri Mechanical Doll has many observations inside and outside the country. And the art galleries such as "Kochi prefecture Historical Folk Customs Resource Center" and "Ishikawa Prefecture Kanagawa Harber Karakuri Memorial Hall" have many products possessions.
He also conducted Karakuri Mechanical Doll restoration manufacture, production manufacture, lending and sales, planning and organizing the exhibition and the production lecture.

The Karakuri mechanical technology in the Edo period has been developed as an original technology of Japan. It comes from uniting the Oriental technology of China and Korean peninsula and the Western technology of Europe.
Japanese technology in 20th century has absorbed overseas new technology and has also succeeded traditional Karakuri mechanical technology. Learning new overseas technology has pushed up the Japanese industrial technology to the highest level in the world.
How would the Karakuri mechanical technology will be in 21st century? The issues of the new period are related to the environment and social security. The mechanical technology can successfully correspond to the challenges like the resource, energy, aging society, and support for the handicapped. And only the real mechanical technology is a suitable technology to solve the above challenges.
Karakuri mechanical technology has been developed as a Japanese wisdom from
ancient times. Also it is a heritage for the next generation who will be responsible for developing the science and technology of future society.


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