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Karakuri Doll
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Harumitsu Hanya
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Karakuri ningyo
Karakuri ningyo/Karakuri doll is japanese art Crafts.
Original Design of Karakuri ningyo
Karakuri doll(Karakuri dolls) were introduced in the oldest manuscript of mechanical engineering in Japan, which was called Karakuri-zui.
"Setting the tea cup on the tray makes the doll move, and it stops when the tea cup is removed. If the cup is replaced, the doll swivels around and returns to its original position."
Karakuri dolls were the first automata in Japan.
Their movements are caused by the power of springs, mercury and sand. You can build them and take them apart easily without ever using metallic screws or nails.
Japanese Karakuri ningyo

Karakuri doll(Karakuri dolls) are a representative of the highest technology in the Edo period.
It was difficult to pass the tradition down from generation to generation, because their production required not only the knowledge, but also a high level of craftsmanship.
It is called as a treasure trove since few original designs from those days still exist, and complete ones are even more rare.

karakuri dolls(Karakuri doll) are reproduced with the dainty technique and utmost care bycraftsmen. The tradition has been passed down since the Edo period, and it'snow greatly appreciated of its beauty and the historical background.The excellent selection of traditional works of art.

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