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Karakuri Tansu
History of Karakuri Tansu
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Teruaki Nakashima
Muro No.116
Komono Tansu No.79
Houju No.115
Fax Rack No.13
Miyako No.39
Muromachi No.34
Momiji No.40
Momiji No.41
Kura No.93
Nishiki No.64
Chest No.60
Chest No.61
Konin-nin No.112
Nin-nin No.108
Ninja No.76
Ninja K No.82
Onmitsu No.94
Heian No.81
Karakuri Doll
Although there are dozens of tricks in the mechanism of karakuri tansu, what we are introducing here is only a mere part. That is to say, we must keep some tricks secret to prevent the risk for its high security. Since this chest of drawers works as a safety box, only the one who owns this craft should know the further tricks with its superior character. Besides, it would be boring if you knew all tricks of a magic in a performance, don't you agree? There should be always something which tricks you to keep your curiosity full. Every karakuri tansu we offer here has different taste for each trick. Some have many tricks here and there, and some other narrow down to a few tricks on it. The specific instruction of those tricks will come with the product, so please do not ask for further details of karakuri tricks unless you order.

How to open Karakuri
1. Pull Drawer 3 a little and slide Ninja Key A to left located upper left in this room.

2. Pull Drawer 1 a little and pull Drawer 2. You can see Inside Box in Drawer 2. (The drawers are double construction)

3. Pull out Drawer 4 then you can see Hidden Box B on floor.

4. Open Door 5 and remove separator plate 7 and support Pins 6.

5. Push up Blind Plate 8 behind Door 5 and remove it. You can see Hidden store room.

 Tricks (partially described)
* All the drawers cannot be opened in usual way. If you push a part of tansu, that will become possible.
* Once you close a drawer after putting something inside, it moves to the other position and you cannot find it in the same drawer.
* If you incline or lift up tansu to remove, an alarm goes off.
* Turning a part makes a hidden drawer appear.
* Removing a wall panel enables you to find a secret room.
There are various "karakuri" as mentioned above, and how many or which karakuri it has is always depending on a type of products.
Operating Procedure
1. Put your valuables in Drawer 2 and close it
. (The valuables disappears)

2. Pull out Drawer 6 and pull down Stopper pin A located inside upper 6.

3. Pull Handle B on right side of on Rotary Box, toward front right and rotate Box 5 counter clockwise.

4. See right side of Drawer 4, push side plate C on 4 and remove it, then you will find your valuables.
(The valuables comes from 2 through hidden path)

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