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Karakuri Tansu
History of Karakuri Tansu
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Teruaki Nakashima
Muro No.116
Komono Tansu No.79
Houju No.115
Fax Rack No.13
Miyako No.39
Muromachi No.34
Momiji No.40
Momiji No.41
Kura No.93
Nishiki No.64
Chest No.60
Chest No.61
Konin-nin No.112
Nin-nin No.108
Ninja No.76
Ninja K No.82
Onmitsu No.94
Heian No.81
Karakuri Doll
The perfect restoration of traditional Edo karakuri techniques. Taking a good advantage of smooth texture of Zelvoka wood. A classic technique of timbering enabled the combination of beauty and high security.
Each item has original tricks. Please see the details below.

Full Painted
(including the

Hidden Box
Hidden Lock
Wooden Wheels
Surface material: Natural plywood Interior materials: Paulownia
Coating: With polyurethane resin Outline dimension:
(incl. metal fittings)
W1660 x D450 x H790 (mm)
Color of metal fittings:
Color of surface: K(Light Brown)
  Click here to see the Black type.
Price: 456,750 JPY (incl. tax) Time for delivery: Approx.2months
* We appreciate your understanding for the time of build-to-made order manufacturing.

* Metal fittings are available in two colors, black or silver.(See more details)Silver colored costs21,000 JPY extra to the price for black colored

*The product shown above is Black colored type.

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