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Karakuri Doll
For Items With No Sliding Doors:
Natural veneer of Zelvoka or Sen is used for the body.
The grain pattern is connected entirely

For Items With Sliding Doors:

Natural veneer of Zelvoka or Sen is used for the body.
Pure plywood of Elm or Tamo is used for the sliding doors.

*Wood depends on the item.
Wood used for drawers and cabinet doors:
* Paulownia, Zelvoka, or natural veneer of Elm and Zelvoka is used.

Wood used for the backside of the front board of the drawer:

* Paulownia and Zelvoka
* Paulownia and Sen
* Elm and Zelvoka
* Elm and Sen

* The wood depends on the item

* Zelvoka is well selected wood for structure of buildings.
Also, it is very popular for Japanese furniture.
* It is strong and has beautiful grains.

* The grain pattern is very similar to zelvoka.
Usually, people use sen for a replacement of zelvoka.
* It is well selected for building structures and furniture.
* Soft and easy to process
* It has delicate grains.

* The most selected wood in Japan.
* It doesn't catch fire easily, and is well selected for depository.
* It is most contractive, which is good fro preventing damp and mold.
* Very light and easy to process.
To make the grain patterns look beautiful, wood is polished, painted, and dried very carefully by craftsmen.

When using zelvoka for the surface:
You can choose the color for the surface from five types. (KM, K, KV, KB, KBU)
Please choose from below.

When using Elm and Zelvoka for the surface:
KM (Dark brown) only.
This is the only color to make the grain of this wood look beautiful.

(Dark Brown)

(Light Brown)



(Dark Blue)

* Tsutsumi-ari (Blind Dovetail Joints)
One of classic technique of timbering Arikumi
(a sturdy method of timbering that joins the side board of drawers to the front).
This makes drawers sturdy and strong.

Using die cast metal fittings. Available in silver and black.



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