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Karakuri Tansu
History of Karakuri Tansu
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Teruaki Nakashima
Muro No.116
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Heian No.81
Karakuri Doll
The creator of karakuri tansu

Teruaki Nakashima

Lives in Okawa, Fukuoka prefecture

Applied for many Patent rights,
design rights and utility model rights.

"I have always tried to create something new from the traditional technique of furniture making.
Passing down the tradition is very important for the future generation in Okawa city, Fukuoka where I was born, where is the No.1 furniture producing district called "town of furniture" in Japan.
When I was little, I was influenced by Hisashige Tanaka (also known as karakuri giemon), the founder of Tanaka factory which later became Toshiba Corporation. He is in fact a great person from my hometown.
I didn't merely restore the old style of chest of drawers, but created the new and original type according with the modern taste.
In short, karakuri is like a magic in a ninja-house.
As you can see, there are numerous tricks and devices, such as the trick drawer which hides something you put inside, the remarkable part that turns 90 degrees or 180 degrees around, or the security alarm which goes off if you try to unlock the device.
It certainly brings us big astonishment and pleasure."

"In Europe, it is common that furniture used in a family is inherited from father to son.
They never forget the care, and are attached to the tradition.
It's a beautiful culture that they value and respect.
On the other hand, in Japan, taking a chest of drawers as a trousseau was a fixed idea a long time ago, aside residences where plutocrat or noble people lived. But I feel it's died out for the people who live in a modern apartment, because it really doesn't fit the floor plan very much.
It's been a difficult time to the manufacture as the age goes by.
Well, compared with that, I take pride in my works.
Karakuri tansu is a great masterpiece that combined traditional beauty and the modern taste.
Assuming that every family has some valuables that they must treasure, I'm sure this karakuri tansu will be the best to keep it without hassle, and also the best to make a stylish room for your house."

"You might just think of putting your cloths and underwear inside when you hear "tansu" (Japanese chest of drawers), but you can't put it that simple.
You could make it as a showcase to store baccarat glassware, or precious metals, your favorite whiskies or wines, whatever you treasure.
I hope that users will breathe new life into this karakuri tansu, not as using in common way, but as using by own ideas. I'd be more than grateful if this would become the traditional furniture for the user's family, just like it acts in Europe.
It is my lifework to seek to create long-lived furniture, which does not only last for a generation, but for many."

"Karakuri tansu was commercialized in 2002, and got exhibited throughout the country afterwards.
And it is now highly acknowledged by many people from all over Asia to Germany, the Netherlands and Russia. I will keep studying hard on new mechanisms of karakuri."

The final check was made by Nakashima at utmost care.
Patent right
Utility model right
Design right
Design right

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