Karakuri Tansu is Safty Alarm Chest.Karakuri chest is ariental Traditional Craft in Japan.
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karakuri tansu is Security alarm tansu
karakuri chest(karakuri tansu)
Karakuri Tansu
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Teruaki Nakashima
Muro No.116
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Karakuri Chest
Karakuri tansu/Karakuri Chest is Traditional Japanese Crafts!
What is Karakuri Tansu

※Karakuri tansu(Karakuri Chest) is a traditional Japanese craft which has been rediscovered in modern times. The chest of drawers (tansu in Japanese) might look like ordinary Japanese furniture. However, you will be astonished to see what it can do. Put something inside the drawer. Once you close the drawer, the item will disappear as if by magic. It has a trick drawer that turns 180 degrees around, too! The purpose of both tricks is security, to keep valuables safe. Nevertheless, you still feel the touch of Japanese beauty.(※tansu is Japanese Word,tansu is mean "Chest")

Karakuri chest is Safe Security
The Safe Security is Karakuri chest
It took enormous amounts of time and effort to develop and manufacture these chests. Teruaki Nakashima, the inventor of karakuri tansu, liked playing with machines and thinking up new mechanical devices even as a child. It is said that he was influenced by Hisashige Tanaka, the founder of the Tanaka factory which later became Toshiba Corporation. Nakashima began studying karakuri and drawing his own sketches. By devoting his profound knowledge to karakuri, he invented many new tricks.
Karakuri tansu resulted from the fusion of Nakashima's profound knowledge of karakuri, the magnificent furniture production legacy of Fukuoka Prefecture, and the funa-tansu - a chest for keeping valuables on board ship, which was a crystallization of Edo-Period knowledge and craft.

Nakashima created the karakuri tansu based on an adaptation of the funa-tansu. Needless to say, it wasn't easy, because most of the precise and delicate operation had to be done by hand.
Karakuri Chest is Gifts

Security Chest!
Now we can experience traditional craftsmanship just as it used to be, with karakuri tansu. It uses a classic technique of timbering, tsutsumi-ari (a sturdy method that joins the side board of drawers to the front) and a stunning processing method (repeating polish, coating and drying) which takes advantage of the beautiful wooden texture. As for the exterior, it has metal fittings with exquisite decorations which contribute to a strong structure, and the smooth and elegant texture of zelkova trees can be seen on the surface. The interior uses paulownia wood, an excellent choice. Finally, it includes a high security system and playful touches, making it ideal for practical use. Since the chest is all handmade, it takes two months to complete construction.

A great fusion of culture, knowledge, and traditional techniques occurred to bring us the karakuri tansu we have today. Their tasteful style and elegance captivates people all over the world. From all over Asia to Germany, the Netherlands and Russia, karakuri tansu are highly regarded for security, and appreciated for their beauty.

Karakuri Chest/Karakuri Tansu is Business Gift

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